Time Factors in the Stock Market

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This book contains no bulky chapters devoted to how to place orders, how orders are executed, commissions, etc. The inexperienced trader may very well master the contents of this work easier than the experienced trader who may burden himself or herself with prior beliefs and opinions.

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Book : Time Factors in the Stock Market

A few words by way of introduction to this work may be necessary, since it deals with a technical subject and the scope of it can not be readily understood by the casual reader. It is essentially intended for investors and traders in the various kinds of commodities traded on exchanges. To the chart reader it is particularly informing in that it reveals the more scientific part of the subject and shows the mathematical base underlying the lucky hits to which many of our chart readers have undisputed claim. The general scope of this work embraces all that is essential to the art of scientifically detecting direction and distance of swings.This is a field practically foreign to the average trader and investor.Attempts have been made to partially reveal still more remote truths behind stock and commodity movements, but their explanations become so involved that it is wiser to train our thoughts along simple lines at the present time. Only through serious study of the various phases and underlying laws of Nature , can success be attained in market operations. It rust to have left no point untouched that would help in grasping the laws of motion whatever sort they may be.January 2, 1937
Day after day, when we speak to different people we make use of practical, applied psychology. Instinctively we try to as certain their thoughts and reactions so that we may draw conciseSioux to account for their behavior. By such processes, we can form opinions as to their knowledge and character. This type of  psychology constitutes an essential part of our associations with everyone. Depending upon personal ability keen observation and individual conditions we can advance to a certain degree in this science of judging men. Without such practical experience, such applied psychology, neither jurists nor businessmen can secure the necessary advantage that brings any endeavor to a successful close.To understand the actual process of forming these judgments , we find that two distinct methods are used, one being as essential as the other – namely, experience and thought, or empiry and speculation. These methods are of prime importance in forming judgments and entail two distinct mental operations. Only by joining both operations can a complete judgment or decision result.The more experience a man has in finding related occurrences , similar mental pictures, or similar events this mind the more he isapt to group them correctly in correlation to past experiences and the more sound will be the resultant judgment.


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