Technical Analysis of the Currency Market: Classic Techniques for Profiting from Market Swings and Trader Sentiment


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Book :Technical Analysis of the Currency Market: Classic Techniques for Profiting from Market Swings and Trader Sentiment


Proven currency-specific trading strategies from one of today’s topcurrency analysts

“If you trade currency, then you need to have this book on yourdesk. It’s the only book you need for technical analysis of thefastest-moving market on the planet.”
-Rob Booker, Currency Trader, W.R. Booker & Company

“In plain English, Schlossberg lays out the basics in usingtechnical analysis to trade foreign currencies, from thefundamentals of how the FX market works to the variety of technicalstrategies and trade management techniques traders can employ.Along the way, he offers entertaining examples and observations aswell as simple, easy-to-read charts and diagrams. Anyone interestedin getting started in the hugely popular FX market would do well tobegin with this book.”
-Sarah Rudolph, Executive Editor, SFO Magazine

“Boris Schloss berg has done a fabulous job with this book. It’s packed with insightful tips and strategies that are sure to save traders a lot of time and money.”

“Schlossberg’s book is a great resource for traders just startingout in currency markets. His focus on simplicity is critical for anew trader’s education on how to make money.”
-Andrew B. Busch, Global FX Strategist, BMO Financial Group


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Global currency markets combine unparalleled leverage, highshort-term volatility, low execution costs, and significantlong-term trends in an atmosphere of laissez-faire regulatoryoversight to create the nearly perfect trading environment.Multinational corporations and multibillion-dollar hedge funds havelong relied on these markets to efficiently hedge risk while takingadvantage of its many rapid profit opportunities.

Now, with Internet services and networks providing direct accessto the interbank foreign exchange market, retail speculators of allsizes and bankrolls are discovering the profitable advantages of FXtrading. Technical Analysis of the Currency Market shows you how tocombine classic technical analysis tools with hard-won knowledge ofFX market trends, trading ranges, and player’s behaviors todramatically expand and improve your trading possibilities.

This dynamic and all-inclusive FX trading primer provides youwith a practical, market-proven arsenal of currency trading weaponsand solid tactical knowledge. From a focused look at how the FXmarket works to specific trading setups designed to producehigh-probability profits in the widest possible range of marketsituations, Technical Analysis of the Currency Market explores:

  • Important similarities and differences between the FX marketand equity, option, and other financial markets
  • Five key themes that drive the currency markets and whichtechnical tools traders can use to best exploit them
  • Technical analysis insights and examples for both trend andrange trading setups
  • Five chart patterns, well known to equity analysts, that haveproven effective in currency trading
  • Oscillator strategies for spotting quickly developingdivergences between momentum and price
  • Methods for spotting common price patterns that are thebuilding blocks for understanding and interpreting price flow

Many of today’s most successful traders garner the bulk of their profits in the currency market. Technical Analysis of the CurrencyMarket will show you how to eliminate costly learning curve mistakes and—whether you are new to currencies or a seasoned trader—give you the skill and confidence you need to carve outa small but profitable niche in the global currency market.

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